Distance Learning in Scotland

Digital Skills Scotland provides a unique and fully-funded, distance learning platform for adult learners to fulfil their ambitions by gaining in-demand skills and adding to their CV

Learners in Scotland can utilise our online distance learning courses for professional development, improving employability prospects, becoming a more desirable team member or perhaps even those starting their own business.

The bright and engaging courses are created to suit individuals who aim to gain a wider understanding of a particular subject, notably all courses carry formal qualifications which are widely recognised across the UK. By working alongside learning providers in Scotland, we can provide learners with access to these distance learning courses for free as they are fully funded.

Skyrocket your career and improve your employability prospects via distance learning

82% of all job vacancies require digital skills, therefore, promoting the use of technology and online learning will boost each individuals familiarity with digital devices, as well as meeting the needs of employers of today’s generation. The online distance learning course itself has been updated with the most recent and relevant online digital techniques, tips and hints.

Distance learning means you are in control

Whether you are an individual learner or a business owner, you can learn at a time that suits you best. The flexibility surrounding our courses allow individuals to study around their priorities, job tasks and commitments.
From the LinkedIn Learning survey, 58% of employees prefer opportunities that allow learning at their own pace; therefore, our courses are available at any time across multiple devices.

Become a more valued team member or elevate your team

Learn precise skills and knowledge to improve your performance at work. To meet the needs of an ever-changing external environment, companies simply have to invest in retraining or prepare to fall behind competitors and become out-dated. Our Digital Promotions for Business course can be a training solution to take you or your team to the next level, equip yourself with digital marketing skills to help promote your own business or workplace.

We can get you started in next to no time

Our friendly team of advisors will be with you during every step of the enrolment journey. Simply register interest via our short form on the site and our team will be in touch to instruct you through the quick and easy enrolment process.

Unique distance learning experience

We partner with the very best learning providers in Scotland to ensure your learning journey is engaging and informative. Instead of boring classrooms or long lectures, our courses are displayed in a concise and visual manner. All content and information is easy to consume and interpret.


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