Smartphone Videography

All learners who successfully complete our Digital Marketing training qualify for the Smartphone Videography course

Film, edit and upload professional quality videos using just a smartphone...

Create powerful videos on your smartphone – Our free online course will teach you in-demand videography skills. Learn how to film professional interviews that could save a potential employer thousands of pounds a year in marketing.

More than 80% of content is consumed through video.
Video is what consumers – people who purchases good or services – are spending most of their time online. Very few businesses, like Apple, set trends that consumers follow. More often than not, businesses must go to where the consumers are. Right now, that’s video…

Units include:

Smartphone Videography

Introduction to video

Delve into the theory behind videography, and take a look at what exactly video is.

Preparing to record

In this unit you will learn how to prepare a script, your objectives and storyboard.

In front of camera

Finding the right mindset is paramount. This unit includes motivational tips and videos.

Recording a video using a smartphone

You will now be ready to film! This unit goes over technical specifications for the perfect video,

Editing a video using a smartphone

Learn how to edit your clips. Discover how to effectively use filters, volume, colour, saturation and much more.

Uploading a video to YouTube

In this final unit you will shown how to set up your very own YouTube channel and how to upload videos from your smartphone.


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