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Final Step - Complete the online application form

To acquire your funded seat you must complete an online application form. 

With limited seats remaining please complete this within the next 24 Hours.

This should take you approximately 15 minutes and can be completed on your laptop or tablet.

1. Click the link below to access the online enrolment form

2. On the login page, click on the ‘Sign up now’ to register for an account

3. Follow the instructions and when prompted to enter “Your secret key” copy and paste the key included below directly onto the relevant section. 

If the key does not work initially, please type it in rather than copying and pasting.


4. Fill in all sections of the enrolment form providing all necessary information.

You need to register an account and complete the course enrolment using the link above before you can access the course. Otherwise, you may be stuck on the system and will need to re-register from scratch.