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The digital sector is growing to the extent there is a need to fill about 13,000 jobs every year in Scotland

Become desirable to businesses across Scotland or become even more valuable to your current employer by undertaking our engaging IT User Skills free online course.

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Digital skills are a necessity in modern life, from job applications, entertainment and marketing

The world has shifted online and it is becoming increasingly important to acquire digital skills to ensure you are not left behind.

This government-backed initiative is designed to push the use of digital skills across Scotland with a range of engaging distance learning courses catered for businesses and individuals.

Digital Skills in Scotland - the stats...

82% of all job vacancies require digital skills
Digital Jobs 82%
75% of employers in Scotland are experiencing difficulties in recruiting qualified digital staff - meet their demands by adding our courses to your CV
Digital Staff 75%
Overall, roles requiring digital skills pay 29% over those roles that do not
Digital Skills 29%
98% of sales reps with 5000+ LinkedIn connections meet or surpass sales quotas
Digital Connections 98%

Digital Promotion for Business - our flagship course...

Improving knowledge, understanding and competence in digital marketing can be beneficial in almost every job role as well as your day to day digital activities.

Our free online course will encourage you to think about how digital marketing can be used in different ways as you are introduced to specific tools and strategies.

Digital Marketing

Learn the basics of Digital Marketing, interpreted in a simple and concise manner...

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

Get a website to page one on Google...

Digital Media

Understand Marketing from a customers perspective and utilise the correct media to plan a campaign...

Contant Marketing

Provide value-based content up-front to potential customers on time...

The above may seem a little overwhelming at first, but that is the beauty of our online course, it simplifies all areas of digital marketing allowing you to consume the valuable information easily

These are skills Scottish employers are asking agencies for and potential employees to help drive them to the next level, therefore, we urge individuals to gain these skills to be desirable to potential employers or more valuable to your current team.

Business owners and decision-makers on the other hand, must acquire these skills themselves and introduce digital skills to their current employees to ensure they are not left behind with traditional practices as well as saving extensive recruitment costs.


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